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Petit Palace Vargas

Discover a modern hotel on Seville's Metrosol Parasol

Unbeatable location in Metrosol Parasol · Personalized attention · Pet friendly · Free bikes · Meeting rooms · Excellent buffet breakfast · Comfortable rooms · A terrace with spectacular views

Why is Petit Palace Vargas in Seville special?

A city like Seville offers many moments that linger in the memory. Some are fleeting, like the scent of jasmine in its squares, others warmer, like strolling through Spain Square, and others more solemn, like the processions of Holy Week. Seville is different, a realm for those who want to enjoy a journey with the capacity to leave an indelible memory. From the terrace of Petit Palace Vargas, you can savour all the emotions of a day filled with excitement. Its unobstructed views of the city of Seville allow you to keep the buzz alive while enjoying the sunset or planning a day full of adventures during the buffet breakfast. Either way, Petit Palace Vargas accompanies you on this journey through Seville. And we want to do it with a modern accommodation proposal, as we opened this hotel in 2022, but we can say that we have a long tradition of hospitality in Seville and other cities in Spain. We know how to take care of you. Close to the famous Setas (Mushrooms) of Seville and the Plaza de Armas, we have the quality accommodation you seek to make the most of what awaits you in Seville. Rest in comfortable and fully equipped rooms, hop on one of our free bicycles to explore the Guadalquivir on two wheels, connect to the internet to share with your friends everything you've experienced, stay with your pet for free if you wish... and, above all, count on us for anything you need. The team of professionals at Petit Palace Vargas will take care of you with kindness and closeness.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Vargas?

Located at Plaza de la Legión 7 in Seville, our hotel boasts an undeniable landmark: the Metropol Parasol station, also known as the Mushrooms of Seville (Las Setas de Sevilla). It is the world's largest wooden structure and the most modern landmark in Seville, designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer. The 26-meter construction features six large parasols shaped like mushrooms or setas (hence its nickname). From the elevated walkways of the mushrooms, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Seville. If you wish, you can dine at its restaurant, attend events, and even observe remains from the Roman era in the space called the Antiquarium. The hotel has a very enticing location, just a stone's throw away from Legion Square, the Fine Arts Museum of Seville, and the Plaza de Armas Shopping Centre. Furthermore, from the left bank of the Guadalquivir River, you can enjoy a wonderful stroll that will take you to see some of Seville's most famous landmarks, such as the Triana Bridge, the Real Maestranza Bullring of Seville, or the Torre del Oro. In just a 15-minute walk, you can access the historic centre with numerous places where you can be captivated by the magic and exoticism of Seville, such as Pilate's House, the Cathedral, the Salt Pier, the Maidens' Courtyard, the Lonja del Barranco Market, the General Archive of the Indies, and the Spain Square, among others. Of course, you'll love dining and drinking in Seville. The list of taverns, bars, and restaurants to do so is endless in Seville. Near our hotel, we recommend places like Ylandero, La Casapuerta, Las Piletas, Los Tulipanes, Bodega Palo Santo, Bar Castizo, Burro Canaglia, Café Bar Lairen, Casa Pepe Hillo, Bar Papanatas, El Burladero, and La Barandilla.

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Vargas?

Modern, welcoming, inspiring, authentic... The Petit Palace Vargas is a hotel with a very pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy your stay in Seville, whether for leisure or business. The services and facilities of our hotel are designed to provide you with a fascinating experience in a truly unique city. Our rooms are modern and equipped with all kinds of useful amenities for you to rest and entertain yourself simultaneously. Some of them have a terrace equipped with a table and chairs for you to observe Seville at your leisure. Enjoy comfortable mattresses, eco-friendly bathroom amenities, television with international channels, free Wi-Fi, accommodation for your pet, impeccable cleanliness, and flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays until 3:00 PM, among other services. In our hotel, you will find a team of professionals who will always attend to you with kindness to ensure you make the most of your stay in Seville. Our reception is open 24 hours to address your requests. Additionally, we offer free bicycles with child seats for you to explore the entire city of Seville on two wheels, MiFi devices, a delicious buffet breakfast that you can enjoy in two spaces: indoors and on a terrace with spectacular views of the city of Seville. From here, our breakfast is even more delightful. And if you are traveling with family and children, we have high chairs in the breakfast room, cribs, strollers, children's meals and drinks... and our friendliness to assist you with anything you may need.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Vargas offer for travelers with pets?

Perhaps few cities in Spain are more enjoyable to travel with your pet than Seville. Along the left bank of the Guadalquivir River or amidst its charming alleys, Seville is a city that lends itself to all kinds of journeys, including, of course, with the company of your pet. At Petit Palace Vargas, we love animals. It's true: we adore them. And if you want to travel with your pet, we will be delighted to welcome you whenever you please. We are a 100% pet-friendly hotel, meaning a place where dogs, cats, birds, and other pets are welcome. To stay with your pet, you just need to choose the room you prefer. We will provide you with a bowl, a bed, and high-quality food for your furry companion. Moreover, accommodation for your pet may be free! You just have to make the reservation for your room at Petit Palace Vargas through one of our official websites. This way, it will be 100% complimentary. However, if you book our hotel through another channel or website, the accommodation for your pet will have an additional cost of €25. Come to Seville with your pet. There are numerous bars and restaurants that treat animals very well, such as Toby eats the world, Taberna Las Escobas, Bar Catedral, and Bodeguita Fabiola. Additionally, near the hotel, you will find many pet-friendly businesses, including dog grooming salons like Peluquería Canina Look Can, and Calderón Peluquería; pet product stores like Mascotalandia, Mundo Mascotas Martínez, and Guaumania; pet food stores like Acuario Mundo Mascotas Martínez and Animaladas; and quality veterinary clinics such as Centro Veterinario Sanican, Clínica Veterinaria Alameda, Clínica Veterinaria Árnica, and Clínica Veterinaria Hospivet.

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Vargas offer?

"fabulous breakfast", "excellent", "amazing", "plenty of hot food options and a terrace view you can use any time of the day," "a wide variety", "Plenty variety of food for breakfast at beautiful terrace with city view."... we invite you to read the reviews online so you can confirm that yes, breakfast at Petit Palace Vargas is one of the things that fellow travellers like you value the most about our hotel. And we are delighted that it is so. We love preparing all kinds of delights with great care so that you can share a special moment after resting in your room. The breakfast room has two spaces: an interior one, which is very charming and pleasant bathed in natural light, and the terrace, which offers you a clear view of Sevilla that you will surely appreciate, an ideal place to start the day in the best way. In any case, whether inside or outside, a very comprehensive and varied buffet-style breakfast awaits you. Enjoy cold and hot dishes, savory and sweet options, healthy and vegan food, meals for adults and children... everything from juices, coffees, smoothies, and teas to bread and toast, cereals, Serrano ham and other cold cuts, eggs, cheeses, jam, freshly cut fruit, sweets, pastries... all in buffet style so that you can choose what you fancy for breakfast every day. Additionally, we have gluten-free products and lactose-free milks so that you can taste delicious things that are good for your body. You'll be pleased to know that we have a very generous breakfast schedule. You can have breakfast every day from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

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