Our Breakfast

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Local breakfast

All our products are local: cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, so that you can soak up the local gastronomy and savour the city from the moment you wake up.

Gluten free, Vegan, healthy breakfast

Having a tasty and healthy breakfast is possible. You only have to worry about choosing because the healthy corner awaits you. And for those vegan or celiac customers, they also have their own corner, to get energy and enjoy the day.

From bed to coffee

Start the day with energy and without worrying about where to go for breakfast. Enjoy our rich and varied breakfast without leaving your hotel.

To nourish body and soul

Nothing like starting the day with an energy-boosting breakfast. At our breakfasts, healthy, nutritious and perfectly balanced delights await you. From fresh fruits to powerful proteins, every bite is an investment in your well-being. Your body deserves the best fuel, so why not make it delicious? Wake up with us and turn your mornings into a healthy feast that will power you through the day.

Petit Breakfasts