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Petit Palace Santa Cruz

Discover a boutique hotel in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Seville

16th century palace house · Personalized attention · Pet friendly · Free bikes · Excellent buffet breakfast · Ideal for families

Why is Petit Palace Santa Cruz in Sevilla special?

Would you like to get up close to an original Roman column from the 1st century AD? The Petit Palace Santa Cruz houses a Roman column on its premises, located on the ground floor of the hotel. We have it covered to ensure its preservation, but we can show it to you upon request. This way, we can explain what we know and what other architectural elements will capture your attention because our hotel is declared a Cultural Heritage Site and is subject to protection due to its architectural value. Much more modern are other elements of the hotel that will captivate you. Near the Roman column, we have a 16th-century cistern. Rooms 007 and 008 feature a Renaissance-style wooden coffered ceiling dating back to the 16th century, which belonged to the corridor providing access to the lateral sections of the building (crafted by Seville master carpenters Francisco Ramírez, Alonso Ruiz, and Alonso Castillo). Also from the 16th century is the Carrara marble Genoese balustrade located on the first floor of the outdoor courtyard of the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, in front of some Genoese columns. And while the balcony of the courtyard is more recent, dating back to the early 20th century, you can observe a Renaissance coffered ceiling with Sevillian ceramics. The façade is illuminated with gas cast iron street lamps on the exterior. Experience the accommodation at the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, a palatial house with a rich history.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz?

Each neighbourhood in Sevilla has its own personality and a trail of stories to get lost in. The Santa Cruz neighbourhood is perfect for wandering through its streets; it's a small maze of narrow alleys and irregular squares, the result of a long history, like the three Roman columns on Mármoles Street (2nd century AD). The Petit Palace Santa Cruz is located at 18 Muñoz y Pabón Street, right in the heart of Santa Cruz. Our hotel is so Sevillian that from some of the rooms, you can see the entrance and exit of the Easter procession at the Candelaria Church, which is just across from the hotel. Many of the city's most iconic places are easily accessible on foot, such as the Seville Cathedral, Pilatos Street, and Sierpes Street, as well as the famous Murillo Gardens, City Hall, and squares like Curtidores Mercedarias and Patio de Banderas. Furthermore, you'll be in the shopping district, where you'll find the most exclusive stores on streets like Cuna, Rioja, Sierpes, and Plaza Nueva. Santa Cruz is undoubtedly one of the most charming areas in Sevilla due to its intimate atmosphere. If you want to explore the neighbourhood thoroughly, we recommend taking a route that includes places like Plaza del Triunfo, Plazuela de Santa María, Plaza de Santa Cruz, Plaza de los Refinadores, Ximénez de Enciso Courtyard, Calle de las Cruces, Calle del Agua, Casa de los Pinelo, Hospital de los Venerables, and Mateos Gago Street.

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Santa Cruz?

Declared a local Cultural Heritage Site for its architectural value, our 16th-century palatial house will take care of you throughout your stay with a range of services designed to help you rest and relax. In our hotel, you will find well-equipped rooms with a generous capacity: for 2, 3 and 4 people. In all of them, you'll enjoy a contemporary atmosphere, very comfortable mattresses, and impeccable cleanliness. The Petit Palace Santa Cruz will make your trip easier with services that are very useful in the city centre, such as complimentary bicycles with child seats, MIFI, Wi-Fi internet, and flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays, until 3:00 PM. We also offer luggage storage and, of course, a friendly team of professionals who will be at your disposal to ensure you enjoy your journey. We love welcoming you and having you return to our Sevilla home whenever you desire. Enjoy a healthy buffet breakfast in an enchanting Andalusian courtyard, a 24-hour reception, pet-friendly accommodation at no cost, and a central location in the historic centre of Sevilla, perfect for making each day the adventure you desire. Experience Sevilla from the comfort of the Petit Palace Santa Cruz. And if your journey is with family, we have a highchair in the breakfast room, a child seat on the bicycle, special breakfast tableware, children's toys, cribs, baby bathtubs, and safety barriers on bunk beds.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Santa Cruz offer for travelers with pets?

If you wish to enjoy a trip with your pet, Petit Palace Santa Cruz is an ideal hotel for your journey to Sevilla. We are pet-friendly and adore animals! Located in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, Petit Palace Santa Cruz will warmly welcome your furry companion so that both of you can feel comfortable. Choose the room you desire, and your four-legged friend will be accommodated in it, with a comfy bed, a bowl, and quality food at their disposal. Our hotel is an excellent choice if you are traveling with dogs, cats, and other pets, thanks to its central location. From our Muñoz y Pabón Street, you'll encounter minimal vehicular traffic and have easy access to the best of the city's historic centre. You can take leisurely strolls on nearby streets like San José and Santa María la Blanca with your pet to reach the Murillo Gardens, the greenest area in Santa Cruz. There, you'll find a space to walk your dog while enjoying various gazebos, fountains, ceramics, and monuments. You'll love Sevilla because it's common to be able to have your pet on most bar terraces. Moreover, there are various pet stores near the hotel, such as Don Barato, Guaumania, Perri-tienda Buhaira, and Peluquería Canina Look Can. Petit Palace Santa Cruz is a great hotel for accommodating your dogs or cats in the centre of Sevilla at no additional cost, but you must make your reservation through our official website. If you choose to book through another website, there will be a charge of €25 for your pet's stay. Enjoy Sevilla with your pet.

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Santa Cruz offer?

With two distinct settings, the breakfast experience at Petit Palace Santa Cruz is one you'll want to enjoy every day of your stay in Sevilla. Inside, you'll find a cosy breakfast room with everything at your fingertips, while outside, we have an open-air courtyard, perfect for relishing a delightful meal in a truly beautiful setting. Choose your spot among the sofas, high tables with chairs, or regular tables with chairs. The courtyard's trees will enhance your enjoyment of a very comprehensive breakfast. They say our buffet breakfast is delicious and diverse, consisting of many delightful items such as juices, coffees and teas, bread, toast, cereals, serrano ham, and other cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, smoothies, hot and cold dishes, pastries, baked goods, freshly cut fruit, and many more dishes to start your day with all the necessary energy. If you have any intolerances or allergies, please contact us, and we can guide you on what you can eat. We offer lactose-free milk, gluten-free products, children's meals, vegan options, and 100% healthy choices to suit your needs. Families with children also have access to highchairs and special tableware in the breakfast room. If you prefer to enjoy breakfast in the privacy of your room, we can prepare it for you with a small additional cost. We cater to all our travellers, and that's why our breakfast hours are very flexible. We welcome you from Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 11:00 in the breakfast room. This way, you can rise early if you need to have breakfast soon, or sleep in a bit if you prefer. Enjoy one of the finest breakfasts in the historic centre of Sevilla.

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