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Petit Palace Puerta del Sol

Discover the best hotel in Puerta del Sol

Unbeatable location in Madrid's city centre · Personalized attention · Pet friendly · Free bikes · Best buffet breakfast in Puerta del Sol · Rooms with terrace and views to Puerta del Sol

Why is Petit Palace Puerta del Sol in Madrid special?

If the stones of Puerta del Sol could speak, they would transcribe some of the numerous historical episodes they have witnessed, such as the 1766 Esquilache Riot, the resistance against Napoleon's troops on the famous 2nd of May 1808, or the proclamation of King Fernando VII, the treacherous king, in 1812, or even the assassination of José Canalejas in 1912. They would also recount some more frivolous legends and curiosities, like the popular support for the Tío Pepe sign, which was happily spared; the fact that the New Year's bell chimes clock was built for free by José Rodríguez Losada after three years of work; or that street vendors on this street were called "puertasolinos." Due to our location, the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol has been a part of this lively succession of events, serving as a hotel that provides attentive service to our travelers with high-quality amenities. Its vintage elevator and wooden stairs with dozens of years of life attest to this. We are used to treating efficiently travelers who want to be in the heart of Madrid with excellence. It may seem hard to believe because our street has been pedestrianized for years, but Calle del Arenal was one of Madrid's main thoroughfares and a residence for the bourgeoisie during the time of the Bourbon Kings. The hustle and bustle of people continues, now, for strolling through the center of Madrid in the direction of the Madrid de los Austrias, for shopping, and for stopping at some of the iconic places in the capital of Spain, such as Chocolatería San Ginés, Palacio de Gaviria, or Teatro Eslava.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Puerta del Sol?

Although it's an open square, originally, Puerta del Sol is called so because there was a gate that opened into the city of Madrid, and since it faced the direction of the rising sun, it ended up being named Puerta del Sol. The history of Puerta del Sol can be paused at countless moments, and it's sure to inspire you to pause at one of its numerous points of interest, such as Pastelería La Mallorquina (a century-old bakery where you can witness how the locals toss paper napkins on the floor), Kilometer 0 (a plaque indicating it's the geographical point of Spain's radial roads), the statue of El Oso y el Madroño (the symbol of Madrid's coat of arms), or the Tío Pepe sign (a nostalgic look at an icon of Spanish advertising). Puerta del Sol is also an excellent starting point for exploring Madrid's Austrias neighborhood, with the Royal Palace and Plaza de Oriente as main stops, Plaza Mayor and the San Miguel Market, Gran Vía with its cinemas and theatres, or the Barrio de las Letras with bars and restaurants. You're in the very center of Spain, with ten streets running through it that will lead you all around Madrid (Alcalá, San Jerónimo, Espoz y Mina, Carretas, Correo, Mayor, Arenal, Preciados, Carmen, and Montera). In our very own Arenal street, there is also a pleasant commercial activity. We recommend, at the very least, that you stop for some churros at Chocolatería San Ginés, admire the Gaviria Palace, and visit the Eslava Theatre. And if you want to complete your list of non-negotiable attractions, next to the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol, you also have the Royal Theatre with the finest operatic offerings, the Caños del Peral Museum to learn more about the city's history, and the Descalzas Reales Monastery with works by Caravaggio, Tiziano, and Rubens inside.

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Puerta del Sol?

If you're looking to stay right in the heart of Madrid, the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol is a highly suitable choice for couples, families with children, groups of friends, business travelers, and even pets. Behind the 19th-century facade of our hotel, you'll find modern, comfortable, and accommodating accommodation that will make you feel like you're in your own Madrid home. We offer rooms that can accommodate 1, 2, 3, and even 4 people. All rooms are fully equipped with services that are very convenient for your stay at Puerta del Sol, including free Wi-Fi & MiFi, flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays until 15:00 hours, TV with international channels, bathroom amenities, and extremely comfortable mattresses. Our aim is to ensure you rest well after a long day of activities in Madrid. And if you desire, we also have rooms for 4 people with a terrace and views of Puerta del Sol, an intriguing way to experience the heart of Madrid with extra space and comfort. Additionally, we provide a range of services that may interest you, such as luggage storage so you don't have to carry your suitcase, 24-hour reception, complimentary bicycles for exploring the city of Madrid, a healthy buffet breakfast, and the support of a dedicated team who will take care of your needs to ensure you enjoy Madrid. If your trip is family-oriented, we have many amenities to make your journey more enjoyable and convenient, including highchairs for breakfast, bicycles with baby strollers, a children's area on the -1 floor, toys and gifts, cribs, kettle on demand, and a children's breakfast with food and beverages tailored to their preferences.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol offer for travelers with pets?

What could be better than staying in the heart of Madrid with your pet by your side! It's a perfect journey, and we're delighted to accommodate both of you in total comfort, tending to your needs and those of your furry friend. We offer you a comfy bed, a bowl, and quality food that will be available in your chosen room. Your companion animal can stay in the room while you explore the city, if you wish, and they are welcome to move around the hotel except in the dining areas. We believe our hotel is a very suitable choice for cats, birds, dogs, and other pets due to its central location in Madrid's Puerta del Sol. Our Arenal Street is pedestrianized, and you can walk without any bothersome vehicles to numerous places like Puerta del Sol, just 20 meters away, as well as Preciados, Montera, Tetuán, Esparteros, Carretas... all of which have no vehicular traffic. If you stroll down Arenal Street, you can head towards Isabel II Square, an open space that will connect you to Plaza de Oriente, Cabo Noval Gardens, Sabatini Gardens, and the Cathedral Viewpoint. All of these locations offer green areas. Next to the hotel, there are various businesses tailored for pets, such as the Ópera Veterinary Center (Señores de Luzón, 9), Buns & Bones (Antón Martín Market), El Perro de Pavlov (Costanilla de San Pedro, 5), Belbo Piropo Restaurant (Príncipe, 3), Paraíso Animal Habana (Bravo Murillo), El Corte Inglés Building 4 (Maestro Victoria, 6), and Naturanimal (Caños del Peral, 4). Important note: we are a pet-friendly hotel in Madrid for dogs and cats, and there are no additional costs when booking on our official website. If you choose our hotel through a different website, please be aware that accommodating your companion animal will incur a fee of €25 per stay.

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Puerta del Sol offer?

A delightful breakfast is an excellent way to start any day, and that's precisely what we want you to experience with us: a moment of indulgence with quality products to plan a full day of activities right in the heart of Madrid. Whatever your journey may be, enjoy the comprehensive breakfast we prepare with great care at the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol. Our breakfast is served buffet-style, allowing you to choose from a wide array of food and beverages designed to cater to all tastes. Savour juices, coffees, water, smoothies, and teas as you select from an assortment of items, including bread and toast, cereals, yoghurts, Serrano ham and other cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, hot and cold dishes, homemade sweets and cakes, and fresh fruit – a delightful assortment to ensure your bites are always delicious. We understand that some of our guests have specific dietary requirements, and for this reason, we provide a dedicated section for gluten-free, lactose-free, healthy, vegan, and child-friendly options, ensuring that all our guests can choose what to eat and drink to suit their needs. If you require something that isn't readily available in the breakfast area, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our staff, who will be happy to assist. We are at your service during generous hours so that you can enjoy your breakfast at your own pace: we open from 7:30 to 10:30 on weekdays and from 7:30 to 11:00 on weekends and public holidays. This way, you can get a little extra sleep if you wish. Enjoy an excellent buffet breakfast right in the heart of Madrid.

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