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Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía

Discover a hotel with the best value for money on Madrid's Gran Vía

Unbeatable location next to Madrid's Gran Vía · Personalized attention · Pet friendly · Free bikes · Excellent buffet breakfast · Family rooms up to 4 travellers

Why is Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía in Madrid special?

Often, we engage in discussions with our fellow travellers about the essence of our journeys—what motivates us to explore, what we seek to discover, and the expectations we hold for the hotels we choose. On occasion, it becomes clear that our ultimate desire is simple: to relish the journey itself. That's sufficient for us. It's about having the assurance that everything will unfold smoothly during our travels, that happiness will accompany our exploration of new places, that we'll share enjoyable moments with our companions, and that unforeseen issues won't disrupt our experience. It's about the comfort of knowing we can sleep and rejuvenate well, thanks to the inviting mattresses awaiting us. We envision waking up to savour a delightful breakfast and a good cup of coffee, finding humour in the experiences that come our way. We seek a hotel that comprehends the essence of our travel aspirations—making us feel at ease and well taken care of. A place that understands the value of a restful moment during the day and is ready to assist if any issues arise. A hotel that, when we share our plans, offers the finest recommendations tailored to us—where to indulge in excellent dining, what sights to explore, and which mode of transport to utilise for our movements. There are numerous significant facets to a journey, and Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía assures you tranquillity and the confidence that our hotel understands your needs, contributing to an enjoyable experience throughout your time in Madrid.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía?

It's quite likely that you won't locate Chinchilla Street on the map of Madrid, and that's a very good sign. Our street is almost residential, with minimal vehicular traffic, and yet, just a few meters away, you find yourself on Madrid's Gran Vía, with all the musicals, theatres, cinemas, and shops at your fingertips. The Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía is an excellent choice to enjoy Madrid while also ensuring a peaceful rest without noise or vehicle traffic. The Gran Vía is one of the city's main arteries and undoubtedly a vibrant location. Lined with beautiful buildings, this avenue begins at Alcalá Street and ends at Plaza de España, serving as the gateway to many points of interest such as Chueca, Malasaña, Fuencarral, or Plaza de la Luna. The entertainment options along Gran Vía are excellent. If you enjoy cinema, you have the listings at Cine Capitol Gran Vía, Cine Palacio de la Prensa, and Cines Callao, among others. If you're a fan of musicals, there's the EDP Gran Vía Theatre, Arlequín Gran Vía Theatre, Coliseum Madrid Theatre, Rialto Theatre, Lope de Vega Theatre, and more. And if you feel like shopping, there's Primark Gran Vía (Europe's largest store), El Corte Inglés, FNAC, ZARA, Mango, Bershka, among other well-known brands. Moreover, Puerta del Sol is very close by, as well as Plaza del Carmen, Plaza de las Descalzas with the Monastery of Las Descalzas Reales, the San Miguel Market for gourmet food, Chocolatería San Ginés for churros, the must-visit Plaza Mayor in any central route, and more.

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía?

With an excellent value for money among hotels located on Gran Vía in Madrid and its surroundings, Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía offers you a stay with a variety of useful services for your trip. Firstly, our rooms are perfect for rest. Our rooms feature very comfortable mattresses for a good night's sleep that ensure you wake up full of energy. Additionally, in these rooms, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, toiletries, renovated bathrooms, television with international channels, toys for children—everything to make you feel comfortable. And don't worry if your party is large: we have rooms for 2, 3, and even 4 travellers, perfect for families with children and groups of friends. Our hotel also provides other services that are very convenient in the city, such as free bicycles to explore Madrid on two wheels, a 24-hour reception to address all your needs, late check-out on Sundays and Mondays until 3:00 PM, luggage storage, an excellent buffet breakfast, MIFI devices, a lobby area, a children's play area next to the breakfast room, and more. If you are travelling with family, we have many ideal services for you to ensure children also enjoy their stay at Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía, such as high chairs at breakfast, strollers, cribs and bunk beds in the room, bottle warmers, a play area next to the breakfast room, bikes with child seats, gifts for children, and, above all, the personalized attention of our staff. We are accustomed to welcoming families with children and parents who want to enjoy Madrid too.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía offer for travelers with pets?

You need to know something important: we're a pet-friendly hotel, and we adore animals. We love it when our travellers come accompanied by all family members, including their dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends. If you're looking for a pet-friendly hotel, at Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía, we'll welcome you with open arms. In your room, you'll have a bed, a bowl, and high-quality food for your companion animal. Additionally, you can move around the hotel with the exception of the breakfast room, and if you need to leave the room, your pet can stay in it. Our hotel is perfectly located for you to enjoy Madrid. Our street has minimal vehicle traffic, so once you step outside, you'll be very comfortable. Next to the hotel, you have Gran Vía to explore up and down on wide sidewalks. If you head towards the Cibeles fountain, you'll find the flower beds of Paseo del Prado and Paseo de Recoletos, and a bit further, Retiro Park, the best place to stroll in all of Madrid with dogs. If you go towards Plaza de España, there's also a tree-lined area to play, but the best part is that you're near Montaña Park and Sabatini Gardens, Campo del Moro, Cabo Noval Gardens, Plaza de Oriente... perfect for a walk while you also enjoy Madrid. Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía is pet-friendly, another reason to choose our hotel. If you book your room on one of the hotel's official websites, your pet stays at no additional cost. But if you do it on another website, then the accommodation for your pet has an additional cost of €25. Book with us and travel to Madrid with your pet for free!

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía offer?

There's no better way to start the morning than enjoying an excellent breakfast after resting on the comfortable mattresses at Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía. Our breakfast room is a perfect place to finish planning all the activities that await you in the city of Madrid. National Prado Museum or Retiro Park? A stroll through the Madrid of the Austrians or shopping on Gran Vía? These will be your concerns as you savour the buffet breakfast that we lovingly prepare for you every day in the breakfast room. And while you decide what to do, the children can play in a small children's area located at the entrance of the breakfast room. Variety and flavour, lots of flavour, is what we offer you in a buffet-style breakfast with a wide selection of freshly prepared juices, coffees, milks, smoothies, and teas, breads, toasts, cereals, Serrano ham and other cured meats, cheeses, eggs, cold and hot dishes, sweets, pastries, homemade cakes... that we hope you'll taste and enjoy. In addition to this offer, we have special food and drinks for children, lactose-free milks, gluten-free products, vegan food, and other options for travellers with intolerances or allergies. We recommend that you contact our breakfast team to let us know if you need anything else. The breakfast hours are also designed to adapt to your schedule. From Monday to Friday, we open from 7:30 to 10:30 hours, while on weekends and holidays, we extend from 7:30 to 11:00 hours so that you can sleep and rest a bit more.

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