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We are located in the heart of Madrid, in the most vibrant neighbourhood in the city.


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Petit Palace Chueca

Discover your modern hotel in Chueca

Protected building from the 19th century · Dog friendly · Excellent breakfast · Free bikes · Free Wi-Fi · The best coffee in Chueca

Why is Petit Palace Chueca in Madrid special?

Chueca and Madrid, a journey within another journey. And to experience it, we welcome you to Petit Palace Chueca, a modern hotel in the heart of Chueca, just a stone's throw away from la Gran Vía, la Puerta del Sol, and the trendiest spots in Madrid. At Petit Palace Chueca, you can immerse yourself in a warm and lively atmosphere, perfect for family and couples' trips, where the modern style of its facilities blends with the tradition of a protected building that still retains its original lift. The bustling ambiance of its lively lobby with a café can be your sanctuary during the day to enjoy a drink, wait for someone, or simply have a chat. The healthy breakfast served daily and the superior rooms with a terrace offering views of the rooftops of Gran Vía and the Chueca neighbourhood are two more reasons to stay. Of course, if you're travelling with your pet, you can stay with them for free. And if you feel like getting some work done in a special setting, the lobby's coworking area is ready for you. While all of this is happening, our team will take care of you. You have everything within your reach here in Chueca. Petit Palace Chueca for everything you want to experience in Madrid.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Chueca?

The Petit Palace Chueca is a modern and trendy hotel located at 3 Hortaleza Street in Chueca. This neighbourhood stands as the most famous LGTBI hub in Europe, synonymous with parties, fun, respect, and vibrant life both day and night, and it's the epicentre of Madrid's LGTBIQA+ Pride celebrations. Need some pointers to get your bearings? Apart from all the cool bars, nightclubs, galleries, restaurants, and shops, there are some must-visit places such as the Museum of Madrid History, the Museum of Romanticism, the San Antón Church, the Metropolis Building, the San Antón Market, the Longoria Palace, the Circle of Fine Arts, the House of the 7 Chimneys, and the Gran Vía Casino... and you can also explore streets with cool names like Plaza del Rey, Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, Hortaleza, Pelayo, Infantas, de la Reina, or San Marcos! In short, you won't have time to get bored! If you want more recommendations, you can explore the shops on Fuencarral Street, find unique shoes on Augusto Figueroa Street, or discover historic taverns near Alonso Martínez. And if you're looking for stores that have it all, just 200 meters from the hotel, you'll find Gran Vía with shops like Primark (the largest in Spain!), WOW Concept, H & M, and Lefties. In summary, the Petit Palace Chueca hotel is the perfect place for trendsetters. You won't want to miss it!

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Chueca?

Located in the Chueca neighbourhood, just 20 metres from Gran Vía, Petit Palace Chueca allows you to tune in to both the trendy side of Madrid with its most surprising shops, and the Madrid of museums and iconic landmarks. Our Chueca hotel is your partner on this journey, offering a very special atmosphere where you can rest in complete comfort and also make the most of your trip to Madrid, combining business with pleasure. The lobby's coworking area ensures connectivity and a workspace where you can dedicate a few hours to work before unwinding, for example, in our superior rooms with a terrace overlooking Gran Vía. And what about our café with the finest coffee in Chueca? That's what some travellers like you tell us – that our coffee machine brews the most delicious coffee in the entire Chueca neighbourhood. Furthermore, if you wish, you can try other beverages, fruit, sandwiches, snacks, and other light meals. If you're eager to explore Madrid, take one of our complimentary bicycles, connect to the free Wi-Fi, bring your pet along and make use of the opportunity to check out later on Sundays and Mondays (until 3:00 PM). And, of course, we are 100% LGTBIQA+ friendly. With all this and your enthusiasm to experience Madrid, your journey is sure to be a success. We look forward to welcoming you.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Chueca offer for travelers with pets?

Of course, we're a super pet-friendly hotel, and we've got everything you need for your furry friend right here in Chueca! At the Petit Palace Chueca, we extend a warm welcome to our four-legged companions, whether they're dogs or cats, regardless of their size, breed, or weight. We provide them with a comfy little bed, a bowl, and top-notch food to make them feel right at home. Our hotel is the ideal spot for dogs and cats, thanks to its prime location in the heart of Chueca, Madrid. From Hortaleza Street, you're just a stone's throw away from Gran Vía, a mere 20 metres away. There, you and your furry buddy can take a leisurely stroll through musicals, cinemas, and shops that make this avenue a true gem of Madrid. You can also wander through the streets of Fuencarral, Valverde, Barco, San Marcos, or Plaza de la Luna, all with your four-legged pal by your side. And if you need pet supplies, you'll find a pet grooming parlour at Pet Grooming Huella Fiel, a veterinary clinic at MascoStyle on Infantas Street, food and other products at Miguitas, and a pet store at El Jardín de Kika, all conveniently located near the hotel. Oh, and here's an important piece of information! At Petit Palace Chueca, we happily welcome dogs and cats from Madrid at no additional cost if you book through one of our official websites. However, if you choose to book through other channels, there will be a charge of €25 per stay for your pet's accommodation. So, don't hesitate to bring your pet and enjoy a fantastic stay together!

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Chueca offer?

One of the main attractions of Petit Palace Chueca is its breakfast. Its wide selection of juices, coffees, and teas, bread, toast, cereals, cold cuts, cheeses, hot and cold dishes, pastries made by us, sweets... leaves a very good taste in the mouths of all the travellers who try it. For us, it's the best way for you to start the day full of energy. And if you have any dietary intolerances, we offer several gluten-free food and drink options, as well as vegan choices to enjoy a complete breakfast. You'll be pleasantly surprised by our hotel for the lively atmosphere in the lobby, with people chatting, playing cards, reading the newspaper, passing the time... And it's all thanks to our café. With seasonal coffees and other delightful beverages, they say our café serves the best coffee in the Chueca neighbourhood. That's what they say, and we love it that way. Furthermore, in our open bar, you'll also find salads, some light dishes, snacks, fruit, and pastries from 09:00 to 17:00 hours. Ideal for every day, whether you're staying at Petit Palace Chueca or not.

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