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Petit Palace Arana

Discover the most loved hotel in Bilbao

Exceptional location in front of Bilbao's Teatro Arriaga · Pets allowed · Excellent breakfast · Discount on external car park· Free bikes · Free Wi-Fi · Rooms up to 4 travellers

Why is Petit Palace Arana in Bilbao special?

It is quite possible that neither Mrs. Segunda Basabe, nor Mr. Juan Francisco Zabálburu, nor their five children could ever have imagined that the private residence in which they spent an entire lifetime would eventually transform into the most beloved hotel in Bilbao, all thanks to the vision of Mr. Modesto Arana and Mrs. Antonia Ormaechea, the founders of the Arana Hotel, an establishment renowned for its gastronomic excellence and a meeting place for bullfighters, singers, footballers, distinguished figures from politics and culture, and future European monarchs. The Arana Hotel can boast of having witnessed a long history marked by events such as dictatorships and crises, two world wars, and a civil war, as well as serving as a backdrop for Bilbao's civilian society. Its strategic location at the entrance to the Bilbao’s Seven Streets allowed it to engage in local social life through gastronomy, with renowned chefs such as Evaristo López de Trotiaga, Ángel Lorente, and Pablo Beobide. Situated opposite the Arriaga Theatre, both establishments have had parallel lives over the years, sharing unforgettable stories such as the fire on December 22, 1914, which destroyed the Arriaga and seemed to condemn four people trapped inside to death. The mattresses from the Arana Hotel were taken from the rooms to help cushion a possible jump from the rooftop. Opened on the 9th of November, the Petit Palace Arana allows you to look back at the past through some of its perfectly preserved architectural elements. Take a look at the spiral brick staircase, the wooden beams supporting many rooms, the stone masonry with views of the Arenal... all at your disposal in the 21st century.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Arana?

Bilbao offers all sorts of irresistible offerings that will be within your reach from Petit Palace Arana. We are located at Bidebarrieta Kalea, 2, right at the entrance to the famous Seven Streets of the old town of Bilbao (Artekale, Belostikale, Barrenkale, Barrenkale Barrena, Carnicería Vieja, Somera, and Tendería). In these streets, you will experience the lively atmosphere in their bars and restaurants, perfect for savoring one pintxo after another with the finest wines from the region. We offer you some names that should not be missing from your list of restaurants: Café Bilbao, Víctor Montes, la Olla, la Bodega Joserra, Pentxo, la Taberna Arriola, and el Isipil, Zazpi, Ardibeltz Taberna, Epelde, Izartegi, Retolaza... and many more that you are sure to discover. Another essential place is the Ribera Market with numerous stalls of fresh produce and a bar area serving pintxos. Not only will you eat and drink well, but also from Petit Palace Arana, you can easily explore some of Bilbao's most iconic places, such as the Arriaga Theatre, Plaza Nueva, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Bilbao, all within walking distance from the hotel. You are also close to the Ensanche de Bilbao, the Bilbao Arena, the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao, Etxebarria Park, and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, about a 15-minute walk along the Nervión River boulevard. For your convenience, our hotel is very close to the tram stop (Arriaga) and the metro stations (Casco Viejo and Abando), as well as a taxi stand (at Areatza Kalea, 4).

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Arana?

With an unmistakably guest-centric spirit, the range of services and facilities at Petit Palace Arana is designed to ensure that you have a pleasant stay once you are at the hotel. The rooms are modern, with comfortable mattresses to guarantee a quality rest. You can choose from rooms for 1, 2, 3, or 4 travellers. In all the rooms, you can relax with complimentary Wi-Fi, pet-friendly accommodation, renovated bathrooms, bathroom amenities, flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays until 3:00 PM, TV with international channels, and impeccable cleanliness. Our hotel offers additional services to enhance your stay, such as a full buffet breakfast in a charming room, perfect for starting the day. Afterward, you can take one of our complimentary bicycles to explore Bilbao at your leisure. Our team of professionals will serve you with kindness; we want you to enjoy Bilbao, and we will be delighted to assist you with anything you need. Get in touch with us wherever you find us. At the reception, we are at your service 24 hours a day with restaurant recommendations and tourist information. And if you have a moment and feel like getting to know our hotel better, we'd love to show you everything that makes our hotel special, such as the noble wood beams from Guinea or the brick staircase.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Arana offer for travelers with pets?

One can be the dean of Bilbao's hotels and, at the same time, have a modern and avant-garde spirit. At Petit Palace Arana, we are committed to the idea of taking care of you and making you feel good. This also extends to your pet, so if your journey to Bilbao includes your furry companion, we welcome you at Petit Palace Arana. We are a 100% pet-friendly hotel. Choose the room that best suits your trip, and in it, you can accommodate your four-legged friend, who will find a bed, a bowl, and quality food to ensure their complete comfort. All domestic pets are welcome at our hotel, regardless of their breed or size. Our hotel boasts an excellent location in the historic old town of Bilbao, so you can take a stroll with your furry friend. Just a few meters away, there are two green areas at your disposal: the Arenal Park, which features several flower beds, and the Etxebarría Park Lake, which has a lake, 130 trees, a brick fireplace, and panoramic views of Bilbao. Furthermore, the centre of Bilbao offers a wide range of pet-friendly businesses, such as the restaurants Porrue, Happy River, Copper Deli Mazarredo, and La Camelia Vegan Bar; bars like Malaespera, Ginfizz, and Gure Toki; veterinary clinics like Bilbo Zoo, Izar, Onavet; and other establishments like Aquafauna and Self-Service Pet Laundry P. Zabalburu. Lastly, Petit Palace Arana welcomes pets at no additional cost if you book through our official website. If you prefer to book through another website, there is an additional fee of £25 per stay. Book with us and enjoy free pet-friendly accommodation in the historic old town of Bilbao.

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Arana offer?

Perhaps your trip to Bilbao is to experience the delightful culinary offerings of Basque cuisine, and if it isn't, you have a good excuse to be tempted by the restaurants and bars in Bilbao. In any case, you are in Bilbao, the birthplace of fine dining and good food, and in the city's oldest hotel, so you can look forward to a delicious experience every day. The breakfast room at Petit Palace Arana will catch your eye with its centuries-old wooden beams. They are original from Guinea and adorn the walls and ceiling to create a charming atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a full buffet breakfast with an extensive selection of tasty foods and beverages, such as juices, teas, coffees, various types of milk, water, smoothies, bread and toast, cereals, yoghurts, cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, hot and cold dishes, pastries, jams, freshly cut fruit, and more. We also offer vegan and healthy options, lactose-free milk, gluten-free products, and we are at your service to accommodate any allergies or intolerances you may have. Families with children also have access to kid-friendly food and beverages, as well as highchairs. The breakfast hours are quite flexible, allowing you to either rise early or sleep in, depending on your preference. From Monday to Friday, we welcome you for breakfast from 7:00 to 10:30 hours, while on weekends and public holidays, the breakfast hours are from 8:00 to 11:00 hours. However, if needed, we can prepare a breakfast picnic starting at 7:00 hours.

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