Shall we tell you about a corner in Barcelona that is like the warm embrace of a cup of coffee? Welcome to Camelia Art Cafe, where good company and the aroma of coffee merge into a unique experience that I will tell you about as if we were sharing confidences.


Imagine walking in and feeling like you are in the cosy living room of a creative friend. The best thing is that the relaxed atmosphere invites you to linger. Whether it's for a quiet chat with friends, an afternoon of reading or simply to unwind, Camelia Art Cafe is your refuge in bustling Barcelona.


Now, let's talk about the coffee. It's like liquid poetry, prepared with care and passion. And don't miss their cakes, toasts or açai bowls for the healthier ones. A perfect place to have breakfast, a snack, but above all, to feel good.


So, the next time you need a break, do yourself a favour and visit this charming corner, it will be like meeting an old friend who always has something good to offer you!


Recommended by Pedro Manuel Crespo Barroso, Experience Manger at ICON BCN