If you're looking for an extra dose of Christmas spirit, then the "Route of Nativity Scenes" is your magical pass to immerse yourself in festive wonder - get ready for a tour that will make you feel like you're walking through the very portal of Bethlehem!


Here's how it works: Malaga dresses up in its Christmas finery, and the Nativity Scenes Route is the secret guide to discover every corner where magic unfolds in the form of jaw-dropping nativities.


What's more, the route is perfect for a family plan. You can take the little ones with you and watch their eyes light up as they discover each new nativity scene. And for the older ones, how about an informal competition to find the most peculiar figure?


In short, the Nativity Scene Route in Malaga is like a gift that keeps on giving. So put on your best Christmas boots, gather your loved ones and let yourself be carried away by the charm of these representations that turn Malaga into a true nativity scene paradise.



Recommended by Mayte García, Experience Manager at ICON Malabar