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Petit Palace Ruzafa

Discover the best hotel in Ruzafa, Valencia

Ruzafa, chic neighborhood of Valencia · Personalized attention · Pet friendly · Free bikes · Best buffet breakfast in Ruzafa · Own car park

Why is Petit Palace Ruzafa in Valencia special?

From being a marginal ghetto of Valencia to becoming its trendiest and most daring neighbourhood, Ruzafa is Valencia's own SoHo, the place where Valencia pulses with the newest trends in its wide array of bars, nightclubs, clothing stores, art galleries, artisan workshops, and vintage items. Ruzafa (Russafa in Valencian language) still surprises with the unexpected, with that personality that blends the familiar with the underground vibes. They say that Petit Palace Ruzafa is the best hotel in Ruzafa. And they're not lying. Because it's the only hotel currently in Ruzafa and the closest to the AVE Joaquín Sorolla station. There are other accommodations to stay in Ruzafa, but none like Petit Palace Ruzafa, known for offering a modern, comfortable, and pleasant experience. Just like the Ruzafa neighbourhood. Our hotel preserves the original late 19th-century facade of the original building. The wooden door on the facade is still the original door that the residential building had. In the lobby and in some rooms, you can still observe some of the original adobe brick pillars. Designed with a chamfered shape to provide external views, the terrace rooms offer you the opportunity to experience Ruzafa from a vantage point.

What are the main places of interest located around the Hotel Petit Palace Ruzafa?

In Ruzafa, you won't be short of things to do and see, eat and drink. Here, you'll discover bars and cafes with a fantastic atmosphere, such as Oli Bar Ruzafa, Bluebell Coffee, Bar Biosca, La Pizarra... and trendy restaurants like Maui Ruzafa, Nozomi, Asador San Telmo, Zalamero, Hikari Yakitori Bar, Canalla Bistró, Kawori, Fierro, Kuma, La Cooperativa del Mar, El Rodamón... to stop by, nibble, dine, and have dinner. Moreover, Ruzafa is dotted with very unique shops that give it its well-deserved reputation as an alternative neighbourhood, such as the first store of edible insects at Insectum, beautiful handmade jewelry at Minami Studio, special items at Gnomo and Ruzafa Vintage, craft beers at Ruzanuvol and La Birra de Brian, pastries and snacks at Dulce de Leche, concerts at Sala Rufassa, Café Mercedes Jazz, and Killing Time, organic food at Biosofia, the famous 'esmorzars' at La Cantina, comics and books at Librería Bartleby, records at Ultrasound Music, Digital Records, and Discos Harmony... as you can see, Ruzafa has a bit of everything, and it's all very unique. Furthermore, Ruzafa is very close to the AVE Valencia - Joaquín Sorolla station, which is an important city connection point, and the Mercat de Russafa, perfect for buying local products. The Parc Central de Ruzafa will serve as a meeting place, while the Casa Judía de Valencia building is an eclectic example of Hebrew culture. On the horizon, you can catch a glimpse of Valencia's points of interest, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Miguelete, the Jardines del Turia, the Central Market, the Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia, and the Paseo de la Alameda.

What are the most prominent services at Petit Palace Ruzafa?

We know that you'll enjoy a bustling social life in Ruzafa as you explore a lively neighbourhood filled with restaurants and shops. And we also know that when you arrive at Petit Palace Ruzafa, we welcome you with open arms and, most importantly, with an accommodation offer, services, and facilities that are perfectly suited for you and your companions. Our rooms will be your sanctuary for relaxation and rest. We have small and very budget-friendly rooms for 2, 3 and 4 travellers, for couples, groups of friends, and families with children, complete with terraces and bunk beds. At Petit Palace Ruzafa, we adapt to your travel needs. In all rooms, you'll find comfortable mattresses, well-equipped bathrooms with toiletries, a TV with international channels, free Wi-Fi, modern decor, impeccable cleanliness, and space for your pet if desired. Parking in Ruzafa is nearly impossible unless you're a resident. We have our own parking facility with 4 spaces. Contact us, and we can reserve a spot for your vehicle. Additionally, we offer a complimentary bicycle service for our guests. With these, you can explore Ruzafa and Valencia from top to bottom, even with a stroller for children if you're travelling with your family. We offer flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays until 15:00, 24-hour reception, a buffet breakfast, and a commitment to taking care of you during your stay in Ruzafa. Ruzafa is the home of Petit Palace Ruzafa, and we consider it your home as well. We look forward to welcoming you.

What pet friendly services does the Petit Palace Ruzafa offer for travelers with pets?

Ruzafa is cool for people, and it's also pet-friendly. If you enjoy travelling with your furry companion, Ruzafa is a great city destination to stop by due to the vibrant atmosphere and the diverse range of options available for a delightful stay. We're sharing this with you because we're animal lovers. Petit Palace Ruzafa has been a pet-friendly hotel since its opening. We welcome pets and provide a bed, a bowl, and high-quality food for your beloved furry friend. Our location in Valencia makes it an ideal place for dogs, cats, birds, and other domestic animals. Next to the hotel, you'll find some places known for their excellent treatment of animals, such as the Ruzafa and Coravet veterinary clinics, pet stores like Warnert Valencia, ZOONA, La Casita De Kiko, and piensoencasa, as well as other places to enjoy great moments like Ubik Café (a bookshop and café with a relaxed atmosphere) and Blue Bell Coffee (offering healthy food with a charming inner courtyard). From Sueca Street, you can reach the Turia Gardens, which are just 1 kilometre away. You can explore the Palau de la Música, Puente del Mar, Parque Gulliver, and even enjoy a designated dog area closest to the hotel's access to the Turia Gardens. You can also take a walk with your beloved pet in Ruzafa Market, Ciutat Vella, the Ensanche, Gran Vía, or Monteolivete. By the way, Petit Palace Ruzafa is a pet-friendly hotel in Ruzafa, and there is no additional cost if you book through their official website. However, if you choose to book our hotel through another channel, there will be a fee of €25 per stay for your pet's accommodation.

What food and beverage service does Petit Palace Ruzafa offer?

Valencia is the land of rice and paellas. Without a doubt, and beyond the stereotypes, to claim that you've had the best paella of your life, you must first have tasted paellas in Valencia. You can do that here, and we'll assist you in enjoying the experience with recommendations from our team of professionals. Additionally, in a lesser-known culinary delight, you'll be enamoured by the "esmorzaret," a typical Valencian mid-morning meal that is a local tradition and a pleasant surprise for those unaware that between 9:00 and 12:00, you can partake in a meal that includes "picaeta," a beer, and a substantial sandwich with cold cuts, meats, fried eggs, omelettes, and more ingredients. This will happen after you've had breakfast at the Petit Palace Ruzafa. Our hotel offers a comprehensive buffet breakfast that you'll surely relish due to the variety and quality of what we prepare with great care for you each day: juices, coffees, infused waters, smoothies, and teas, bread, toast, cereals, yoghurts, Serrano ham and other cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, hot and cold dishes, pastries, baked goods, freshly cut fruit... in addition to a healthy corner, gluten-free products, lactose-free milk, and vegan options. Our hotel has extensive breakfast hours: from 7:00 to 11:00, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast early or later, as you prefer. We also offer an external room service (Miss Sushi) with delicious bites to savor in the comfort of your room.

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