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Defined in the new strategy that we are currently developing in PetitPalace Hotelity, we have opted to change the format of our breakfast choosing Magasand as our Food Partner. This company has been chosen to bring in their gastronomic proposal within the services provided in the hotel. From breakfast to brunch or even to have a coffee, from now on Magasand will be the one to delight you.


Magasand is fast haute cuisine based on natural ingredients – top quality eco-friendly with a healthy philosophy, Magasand was the first to conquer the Spanish capital with an original yet simple format. For those who like to eat light without sacrificing top quality food.

The name Magasand was created through the merging of two main protagonists of its concept: magazines and sandwiches. These publications are magazines of art, design, fashion… International and exclusive, difficult to find elsewhere, making Magasand a meeting place for both lovers of healthy food and also design, fashion and urban & cultural.

BREAKFAST DELIGHT (Choose an item from each category)

Cold drinks
  • Natural smoothie of the day: Each day something new, fruit chosen according to the season
  • Trifásico… Orange, apple and carrot
  • Sandinista… Watermelon, mint, lime and orange
  • Spicy Carrot… Celery, carrot, apple and ginger
Hot drinks
  • Assortment of organic teas (White, red, green, chai, English breakfast, etc.)
  • Magasand Coffee Selection (espresso, cappuccino, cortado, etc)
  • Assortment of bread: Payes, German, Gluten Free, etc. accompanied by: olive oil, bread, marmalade, tomato, etc.
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese or tomato
  • Pita with honey and cream cheese
  • Butter Croissant
ECO BOWL (100% Ecologic, base + cereals + topping)
  • BASE: Yoghurt, Eco-Bio vegetable milk, almonds or oats
  • CEREAL: Quinoa, Eco Cornflakes, oatmeal, puffed rice, Granola Magasand
  • TOPPING: Maca, fruit slices, nuts/almonds, organic cocoa, chia seeds, Agave syrup

(*All of our baking is our own and made every day in our bakery)

  • Crepes with caramel sauce or eco-chocolate
  • Spongecake of the day… Lemon, Banana-Chocolate, Matcha Tea, etc.
  • Crumble of the day… raspberry, apple, etc.
EGGS (Add an extra 🔝) **
  • Ranch style eggs on thin bread, tomato with chillies, azuqui and cottage cheese.
  • Scrambled eggs with emmental cheese and spinach.
  • Crepe style Spanish omelette with roast turkey, avocado, tomaca and Villalón cheese.
  • German style toasted bread with avocado, low cooked egg, turmeric and pepper.
    **Eggs have an additional cost of 2.50€

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