What you can’t miss at Malaga fair

What you can’t miss at Malaga fair

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Already you can smell the scents of the Fair in Malaga and at Petit Palace we are excited. Yes, we know… it has not arrived just yet but the colourful lanterns begin to hang while the first stalls of the afternoon fair begin to take shape. When does it start in Malaga? Between the 12th and the 19th of August.

Considered one of the best dates in the Andalusian summer, the Feria de Málaga is enjoyed to its fullest and this special celebration takes place in two different places: the so-called Feria de Día (Day Fair) is celebrated in the centre of the capital (Within walking distance of our hotel Petit Palace Plaza Málaga) and the Feria de Noche (Night Fair) is located in the Real de la Feria. When is the date in 2017? Let’s have a brief review of what is to come as we start the countdown clock:

The moments that you cannot miss

Although you will enjoy unique moments during the whole week of festivities, the truth is that you cannot miss key events such as the opening of the fair (always accompanied by beautiful fireworks at the castle) or the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Victory (Where you will see hundreds of riders on horseback and many floats).

The best gastronomy within walking distance of your hotel

In our company we are fans of the Day Fair in Malaga (well-known among the locals as the “the Fair of the Centre”, the zone in which it developed). Authentic and with a perfect location (less than 5 minutes from the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel), the Feria de Dia offers a unique gastronomic offer of wines and tapas and music that will delight all those and encourage them to get up close.

Since it takes place in the harshest hours of the day, do not forget to dress appropriately and bring a good hat. The key, so that the heat does not wreak havoc on your body, make sure you control the intake of wine and rebujitos and don’t forget to hydrate with soft drinks and fresh water.

More than a hundred live performances

In the 2017 edition the Feria de Málaga presents a musical schedule that surpasses one hundred live concerts. Concerts such as those of Pablo Alborán, Malú, Merche, Vanesa Martín, Chambao or India Martínez will delight all those who come to enjoy the Night Fair in the Royal Fair.


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