Valencia’s La Rambleta agenda for June

Valencia’s La Rambleta agenda for June

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For those who haven’t heard of La Rambleta in Valencia, it is an innovative building, built to house all kinds of artistic proposals and cultural trends. A multifunctional space where you can enjoy a theatre play, an exhibition, a concert, a culinary workshop, a discussion… Sort of a temple for culture, that has constantly gained followers and supporters since it was inaugurated. It has become one of Valencia’s reference regarding cultural activities and plans.

There are over 11,000 square meters distributed on seven floors, with different types of rooms to accommodate all types of performing arts, music, exhibitions, cinema… There is something for everyone. In addition, there is space for all kinds of artists, from well-established performers to new talents trying to find their place in the national arts scene.

This month of June the Espai Rambleta has prepared many proposals for you to choose among. The 5th June will be rock & blues with the performance of Cantropus Blues Band and Julio Galcera, while if you prefer dancing, you can not miss the Urban Beat Festival, a street dancing competition with participants from all over the country.

Reggae lovers will be pleased to know that on the 13th June, the Reggae Cultural Association will celebrate the 15th anniversary, with live concerts. If you are more into pop music, on the 14th , the patio of La Rambleta will hold the concerts of Luis Barea and Gilbertastico.

Regarding the performing arts, the Rambleta will see a play that is a success in Madrid, “the correct wars”, and that will be performed from the 4th to the 6th June. This play is the story behind the famous interview to Felipe Gonzalez by Iñaki Gabilondo, about the history of the terrorist group GAL. It is also worth seeing the improvisation show Impronight, that will take place on the 6th, where the audience decides not only the theme but also, what price they will pay for it.

On the 13th June, Ignatius Farray will visit La Rambleta, one of the most peculiar comedians on Paramaunt Comedy, who is coming to Valencia to surprise everyone with his absurd humour. On the 18th, there will be an interesting fusion between art, wine and imagination. The show is called Girasomnis, a multi-sensory journey that combines dance, music and video-art with a wine tasting of the wine Girasomnis, Bodegas Arraez.

The younger ones of the family also have a space in La Rambleta, where you can take them to the show Impromagia, a show that combines magic with storytelling and improvisation, and where everyone participates. It will be on the 6th June at the Nanorambleta.

On the 15th of June, Factoria Rambleta will host Elvira Lindo and Antonio Muñoz Molina, two established writers that will come to Valencia to present their new projects and hold a lively discussion with the audience.

All of this and much more is what the Espai Rambleta has prepared for you this coming June. If you are in Valencia do not miss the opportunity to visit it. If you need an accommodation, we recommend that you stay at one of Petit Palace’s hotels in Valencia, from where you can comfortably visit the main tourist attractions of the city, such as Valencia’s Cathedral ort the City of Arts and Sciences.



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