Unique destinations for a romantic Valentine’s day with a difference

Unique destinations for a romantic Valentine’s day with a difference

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You might be more or less romantic, believing more or less in the enchantment of Cupid’s arrows; you might not understand exactly why, but the 14th of February is approaching and with it the feeling of wanting to give our partner flowers, walk hand in hand and whisper sweet nothings in their ear. Yes, Valentine is coming and with it those romantic getaways that can be so enjoyable.

Even if the 14th of February falls on a Tuesday in 2017, there are probably many of you who have saved a few days’ holiday in order to surprise your partner with a surprise holiday to one of the many romantic destinations this country has to offer. But if you are one of those leaving the decision on where to go until the last moment, take note, because this month we’ll give you some ideas on where you could spend next week. Let’s go, and long live love!

Valentine’s Day in the South: Malaga and Seville

Andalusia – a land of living culture, folklore and magic the permeates every corner and every alleyway – it’s the perfect destination to enjoy those evening walks and romantic dinners with a view of the sea, or a candle-lit meal. Our best options? Malaga and Seville, two indisputable jewels of our country’s south.

With its romantic walks along the banks of the Guadalquivir river and its famous scent of orange blossom, Seville is one of those destinations that leaves a mark on all lovers who visit. There are few things as beautiful as declaring each other eternal love in an environment like the one you find at the Reales Alcázares, next to our Petit Palace Santa Cruz hotel.

Celebrating the day of love in Malaga is another choice that will always turn out to be a success. Malaga is romantic, eclectic, beautiful and original, lending itself perfectly to long enjoyable walks scented by the sea. The best? Romantic outdoor dinners along the Calle Larios, which is also where our  Petit Palace Málaga hotel is located.

Valencia, where love comes alive

They say that few cities in our country are as friendly as Valencia; its magic comes alive in every little square. Enjoying Valentine’s Day in the capital of Turia could be the ideal option for those looking for a quick getaway for a couple of days.

Apart from enjoying the Valencian sun, the capital of the Spanish East is ideal for shopping and enjoying first-class cuisine. If you take the Petit Palace Bristol hotel  as a starting point you will be within easy walking distance of the most traditional shops in the city.


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