Triana, much more than pure Seville magic

Triana, much more than pure Seville magic

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If in your traveling life you’ve only been for a weekend to Seville, chances are you have not crossed all of its bridges. And the majority of them are limited to staying on the bank of the Golden Tower. Here there are interesting points of Seville like La Giralda, the Plaza de Toros or the streets of Tetuán or Sierpes.

Although making this decision is understandable, do not forget that right on the other side of the Guadalquivir, Seville hides one of the most authentic and traditional neighborhoods in Spain, we are referring to the Triana neighborhood.

Considered by many to be “the crown jewel” of the city’s history, the Triana neighborhood encompasses in a few streets all the essence of the Seville capital. A neighborhood full of balconies adorned with pots of geraniums, which can be reached in a few minutes if you opt for one of the free bikes that you will find in our hotels Petit Palace Marques de Santa Ana and Petit Palace Santa Cruz.

A visit to the Cristo del Cachorro

Whether or not you are a lover of Easter in Seville, you can not visit the Triana neighborhood without making a brief stop at the Hermandad del Cachorro and within it is the impressive carving made by the imager Francisco Antonio Ruiz Gijón in the century XVII that takes the name as the Cristo del Cachorro.

Also known as the Cristo de los Gitanos, this image at almost two stories high is an authentic institution in the city hence the visits of neighbors, floral offerings or even flamenco cantes that are frequent throughout the day.

Get lost in the purity of Betis Street

Although you have not chosen to stay on this bank of the city, you can not miss (at least once during your stay) the popular Calle Betis. About 15 minutes walking from the Petit Palace Canalejas Seville hotel, this mythical street overlooking the river is formed by colorful little houses and is the favorite of Seville locals who like those “third beers” in the sun, accompanied by a “tapa de ensaladilla” or a “montadito de paladette.”

Although the dinners in this location are an ideal option (for the reason to be especially romantic), the ideal thing is to make a visit at the time of vermouth or to eat as the tradition commands.

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