Travel and destination proposals for the New Year

Travel and destination proposals for the New Year

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The year has come to an end and, just like any other tradition, New Year’s resolutions begin while many are still deciding on their goals, objectives and wishes for the coming year. Quit smoking, go to the gym or take up a new hobby are usually some of the most popular, including travelling. In this post, we give you some ideas to make a list of reasons to travel and destinations to visit next year.

Proposal Nº1: Eating lucky grapes on New Year’s Eve at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.
It is possible that the cold holds you back, but experiencing the chimes from the Puerta del Sol is a unique experience that should live at least once in a lifetime. You will not get to the 2014 New Year’s Eve festivities but you have the whole year to plan a trip to Madrid for 2015.

Proposal Nº2: Go to the Fiestas de la Mercè in Barcelona
It is the largest festivity in Barcelona and it is celebrated at the end of September. It is the perfect opportunity for an escapade to Barcelona, and discover the Catalan culture and traditions, such as the castells, sardanas, street parades with Giants and Big Heads, as well as the many concerts and street shows situated throughout the city.

Proposal Nº3: See the Fallas of Valencia
It is probably the most awaited celebration in Valencia and every year it attracts thousands of people from around the world, eager to discover and enjoy it. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views before they are burned, discover the incredibly loud sound of the mascletás, smell the gunpowder and be amazed by the night fireworks show.

Proposal Nº4: Visit an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most important architectural works of Bilbao and Spain. It is the work of the famous architect Frank O. Gehry, this contemporary building impresses not only with its forms, but also for its size. We propose that you travel to Bilbao and enjoy some of its temporary exhibitions.

Proposal Nº5: Visit the Holy Week in Seville
During this important week, all eyes in Spain will be looking to see what is happening in the capital of Andalusia. The atmosphere and passion that the city boasts around the processions and the steps, is something one has to see in person to understand why it generates so much expectation.

Proposal Nº6: Visit the Feria de Malaga
If you have never been to the Feria, we suggest you travel to Malaga during its famous fair to enjoy the concerts, flamenco huts, tapas and finger food, flamenco and many other things. It is celebrated in August and it is also the perfect opportunity to discover some of the most magical locations in the city, as is the historic centre of the city of Malaga.

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