Tips for travelling with family

Tips for travelling with family

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Although many say that to enjoy the best rest there is nothing like a couples trip or one with friends, the truth is that at Petit Palace we are passionate about family travel.

Yes, the same ones that we usually postpones until the month of September (when the demand for these destinations decreases and you can enjoy a less crowded holiday) and for those mums and dads that require some tips to achieve holiday success, we provide a review of the three main points:

An ideal destination with a hotel in the centre

Although a hotel in the centre of a city popular with tourists is not necessarily a reason for success, the truth is that it will always be more comfortable than having to take two metros and a bus to be able to change clothes, to grab some food for your Children or, simply, to enjoy some hours of rest.

Choosing places like Seville and Malaga and enjoying the authenticity of the centre. Our recommendation? Stay in the centre of the city and stay in a hotel like the Petit Palace Santa Cruz in Seville or the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Say yes to a maxi family room

It is very important to our peace of mind that every member of the family has their own space and a place to control our little ones. In hotel chains like ours, both are possible as we offer our customers a wide list of hotels with family rooms.

Spacious and comfortable rooms designed for families (up to 5 and 6 people) such as those that can be found in the Petit Palace Triball hotel, one of our stand out hotels in the city of Madrid.

A plan of leisure

The amount of moving around and improvisation are two aspects that, in the case of travelling with family, are not always compatible, hence our last tip is to prepare in advance. A small plan of everything you want to see: museums, Amusement parks or whatever.

Although there may be changes (because the weather or because you want to fully take advantage of the beach and / or pool), this plan will be a guideline so that mums and dads can enjoy a somewhat more organised and quiet holiday.


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