The secret of an authentic Valencian paella

The secret of an authentic Valencian paella

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One of our most international dishes: the Valencian paella, not only does it have life and its own history (putting the beautiful city of Valencia on a gastronomic pedestal) but it is a challenge for those who like to spend time in the kitchen. As everybody knows to make an authentic Valencian paella is not easy and has its mysterious touches so it is possible? Yes, of course.

If the Spanish Levante is your destination for your summer holiday and you have chosen one of the hotels of Petit Palace in Valencia you are very lucky because you will be very near to those restaurants you should visit if you wish to try some of the best Valencian paellas.

Even if you have under your arm the recipe, which of these paella palaces in the Levante capital should you try? Take note because we will start in the zone of the la Malvarrosa beach, there is La Pepica, famous for their paellas and in the past with such famous people as the author Ernest Hemingway or the actress Ava Gardner as regular clients.

Among the most chic in the capital is the Bar Rausell, a place which, although some way from the centre and the area of La Lonja or the Cathedral, offers their clientele a first class paella together with exquisite decoration.

However, if you fancy visiting the centre of Valencia and want to try a good paella near to the Cathedral, don’t worry because after passing a few streets you will see in front of you the restaurant la Riua, one of the best for excellent Valencian paellas. It is not the most glamorous or minimalistic but we can guarantee that the paellas are extremely tasty.

Perhaps when you return home you would like to make your own Valencian paella? You should take note because there are some secrets (mandatory) which cannot be ignored.

If you follow the instructions to the letter we can guarantee that you will become an authentic paella cook.

  1. Understand very well the ingredients that the experts use and leave experiments to others.
  1. Start with a small paella, ideally just for two persons.
  1. Do not use too much olive oil (remember that the meat will release its own fat).
  1. Fry the meat and the vegetables but remember they should be lightly fried not overcooked.
  1. To avoid this stir the ingredients from time to time and bear in mind that the secret is in this point.
  1. Control very well the quantities of rice and broth.
  1. Use little salt and a lot of affection.
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