The secret ingredients of an authentic Andalusian cold soup (gazpacho)

The secret ingredients of an authentic Andalusian cold soup (gazpacho)

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When summer arrives in Seville the thermometer rises, resulting in locals and visitors having to support temperatures of over 35 degrees centigrade. How can you enjoy your well earned holiday in Seville without suffering from the heat? Really simple: forget visits at peak times of the sun, make sure your visits are nocturnal and you are well hydrated at all times, using delicious liquid recipes made in Seville such as the traditional gazpacho.

Popular throughout Andalusia, gazpacho is food rich in vitamins and elaborated with a base of vegetables from the kitchen garden, water and oil from Andalusia. Although at first glance the recipe appears to be very simple, we will only produce an authentic Sevillian gazpacho, if we add three secret ingredients:

– Cucumber: Although it is not an ingredient which everybody likes, no Sevilliangazpacho is authentic without a little cucumber in the final mixture. This vegetable apart from giving us extra vitamins also adds this special flavour which makes us request a second helping without a doubt.

– Red pepper: The best kept secret of Sevillian gazpacho is the red pepper, a vegetable which adds colour to the final recipe and a slightly sweet touch which reduces the flavour of the cucumber.

– Bread crumbs: Bread crumbs are used more often in “salmorejo” from Cordoba than in Sevillian gazpacho, but there is nothing like adding a little bread to the recipe in order to give the dish more texture.

Apart from reserving these culinary tricks to surprise your family with an authentic Sevillian gazpacho, you cannot visit Seville without trying it at one of the many gastronomic meccas. Which are the two most well known and high valued restaurants?

The Colonials Tavern

Considered one of the best restaurants in Seville, the “Taverna los Coloniales” is a place where you can eat very well with excellent prices. Situated in the heart of Seville, in the Cristo de Burgos Square (just 10 minutes walking from our hotels Petit Palace Marques de Santa Ana and Petit Palace Canalejas Seville), the restaurant makes gazpacho every day with the freshest vegetables and with a unique flavour.

San Eloy Patio

With the design of an Andalusian patio and called “San Eloy” it is the ideal place for those who are looking to enjoy a cold gazpacho or salmorejo. How to get there? Very simple:

If you are staying near to the Giralda and take the Petit Palace Santa Cruz as the starting point, all you have to do is cross the Alfalfa and Sierpes street.

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