The night magic of the Sevillian bridges

The night magic of the Sevillian bridges

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If you normally follow the Petit Palace blog you will know that we happily admit to loving the city of Seville. This location where all possible urban styles coexist in total harmony, is capable of hosting an Expo, a massive April Fair or international film production.

In this scene of the film called Seville, certain elements give colour and character to the city, elements that are already part of its heritage and its skyline. Our favourites are its numerous bridges which connect the two banks of the Andalusian capital and that become a “true experience” during visits at nightfall.

Triana Bridge, the jewel of the crown

It is the most central and it bears the name of the city’s most well-known neighbourhood, the Puente de Triana (the real name of which is Puente de Isabel II) but it’s much more than a bridge: in truth it’s one of Seville’s most important and famous architectural gems. You can get there in less than 10 minutes from the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana and the Petit Palace Canalejas hotels.

Sunset is its special time, so don’t wait to begin your stroll in the Arenal area and go to the neighbourhood of Triana, the neighbouring bank. Its 150 metre stroll at night will give you unique picture postcard views of the Torre del Oro or La Maestranza, the most famous bullring in the world.

Barqueta Bridge

In 1992 Seville became the centre of attention for being the headquarters of the famous Expo 92. An international event that took place in the “Isla de la Cartuja”, an area that has as its main access route the beautiful Barqueta Bridge. This approximately 170 metre long bridge was constructed in the form of an arc like a “huge door” entrance to the Expo.

At night it is worth visiting it, taking as its starting point the Cartuja itself and then finish the walk on the bank that leads to the legendary Alameda area, always full of restaurants, bars and the best atmosphere.

Alamillo Bridge

Although it is the farthest from the centre, the walk along the Alamillo Bridge is a must because it gives spectacular views of Seville, its bridges and the Guadalquivir. It is one of the best known internationally, since it was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava for Expo 92.


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