The dream of a summer night in Salamanca

The dream of a summer night in Salamanca

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Although it may seem that when the university course finishes, the city of Salamanca enters into a state of total inactivity, the fact is that one of the most monumental and beautiful cities of our country, becomes more vibrant than ever in the summer months (and yes, also in August!).

If you have decided to visit the city and have chosen one of the hotels of Petit Palace in Salamanca, you will not only see the most authentic side and the unknown of the capital but, you will be just a short walk from everything.

Today we will tell you about everything that the city offers to visitors who have chosen it as their holiday destination: take note because there are an abundance of outings for all tastes.

Although it is normal, for all those on their first visit to Salamanca, to admire the Casa de las Conchas or look for the frog or the skull on the facade of the University, it is true that the city has treasures that appear after sundown and convert the summer nights into unforgettable experiences.

The perfect plan to start the evening (after having rested and enjoyed the exceptional services of our hotels) is to visit the Cafe Novelty. A place founded in 1905, famous for its exquisite artisan ice creams elaborated daily.

When the sunset is at its peak, it is the ideal moment to go with the romantic atmosphere which characterizes Salamanca, and enjoy a walk around the city. The best places include the many parks, the always majestic Huerto de Calixto y Melibea or Casa Lis (another architectural jewel which is worth an in depth visit).

The best time of the day is when the moon is at its highest point and the stars light up the city profoundly. You can start with a well earned walk around the popular Calle Van Dick (Van Dick Street). Apart from being near to everything (in Salamanca you can walk to nearly every location in the city), the quality of the tapas (finger food), well known both at the destination and other places, even outside Spain, are certainly on par with the colourful innate authenticity of the Spanish street.

Once you have tasted the best of Van Dick Street you can then enjoy the sessions of the best DJs in the city or the theatre at one of the most original places in Salamanca: the Cafe Bar Tio Vivo. A completely different place, where you can relax and enjoy some very original cocktails.

How would you like to leave the city? Make sure you find out about the many local fiestas that are celebrated on the outskirts of the city. Gastronomy in its purest state, authentic Castillian cuisine and an excellent atmosphere. A perfect plan to live your holidays to the maximum in the centre of the country.

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