The definitive Sevillian route for lovers during Semana Santa

The definitive Sevillian route for lovers during Semana Santa

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Beyond the characteristic orange blossom scent and its enchanting characteristics, Seville is the world stage for two of the most relevant cultural events in our country: Holy week and the festival of April. Religious, formal and with a magic that goes beyond what we know. The week of passion in Seville is all a worthwhile experience to enjoy with a good camera around your shoulders.

A unique cultural exhibition with sculptures created by the most important figures in history, they go from the purely religious to an exquisite exhibition of moving wood sculptures in a unique setting: the city of Seville.

Taking into account that the city shines like never before with a special colour. Why not take advantage of the days off to get a closer look at the solemnity of Holy Week in Seville? You don’t have to worry about missing anything. Here are the places in the city where you can enjoy the liturgical event like never before:

La Campana and the Plaza del Salvador 

Did you know that all the processions must pass by a specific point of the city of Seville? This point is called “official race”. Where is it located in Seville? Between La Campana (in front of Plaza del Duque) and the beautiful Plaza del Salvador. 

This central area – located less than 10 minutes walking from the Petit Palace Santa Cruz and the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana- is a perfect way to feel that devotion that the Sevillians feel for their Holy Week.

The magic of the Barrio de Triana

Crossing the river and leaving behind the Petit Palace Canalejas Hotel Seville, the Barrio de Triana becomes another place in which to enjoy this tradition. There the Brotherhood of the Cachorro is the most followed and it is the so-called “Christ of the Dog” (or Christ of the gypsies) that has thousands of devotees, that follow him during his route through the capital of Seville .

La Macarena, the district of the Madrugá

The night of Holy Thursday to Good Friday takes place in an event called Madrugá. The night in which the Brotherhood of the Macarena takes to the street to cross the city and return to its temple 9 hours later, with the light of the sun already shining down upon them.

Located in the mythical La Macarena neighborhood, the small temple of the virgin Sevillana stands out to thousands of faithfuls, who want to accompany the patron of the city.


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