The best routes for enjoying Power Walking in Valencia

The best routes for enjoying Power Walking in Valencia

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Few things are as personal as “travelling”. There are those who travel to rest, there are those who can’t go home until they have seen the last museum and then there are those travellers who take their routines with them (so they don’t change their habits). But the new fashion from amongst all these routines,  is to practice our favourite sport wherever we are.

Of the many capitals that make up our map, Valencia is the one that lends itself to sports tourism. Why is this? It may be due to its pleasant temperatures (almost all year) and its many open spaces in which to play sports without sacrificing fresh air.

Although there are many sports that can be practiced in Valencia, there is nothing better than enjoying the benefits of the Mediterranean with a session of Power Walking, the chosen sport for those who prefer to walk well than to run badly. What are the areas of the Valencian capital that lend themselves to the practice of this sporting discipline? Today we’ll talk to you about the two that stand out the most.

 Fresh air in the Turia Gardens

Our first suggestion takes us straight away to the beautiful Turia Gardens, one of the largest and most impressive natural parks in Spain. In its nine plus km in length, a lot of people enjoy and benefit from a sports session in the open air with the first light of day.

What makes it different from other gardens is its charm and its location in the heart of Valencia and within walking distance of the most traditionally symbolic areas of the capital such as the Aquarium or the impressive Gulliver Park.

If you take as its starting point our hotel Petit Palace Bristol will be less than 15 minutes walk from the mythical Valencian park.


 In search of the great avenues

While many will say that the Gran Vía de Valencia is the best place to enjoy a session of urban Power Walking, in Petit Palace we opt for the following route: start your session on Calle Guillem de Castro, continue along Calle Xàtiva and end the tour at Calle Colon (opposite the Turia Gardens and close to the Petit Palace Germanías)

In addition to the purely sporting side, with this route you will enjoy a unique view of the historic city centre. And how do you truly relax after an intense session? By enjoying the hydro massage shower you’ll find in your Petit Palace Germanías hotel room.

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