The best Christmas sweets from the province of Málaga

The best Christmas sweets from the province of Málaga

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Although generalizations are almost always misleading, there is a certainty in which many of us are practically in agreement: there are no sweets as rich as those made in the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers when the Christmas season arrives. What do we agree on?

Sweets with more or less sugar, with honey of a thousand flowers, with a heart of candied fruits or recipes in which chocolate has the voice singing, the truth is that all are delicious and all are one hundred percent from Spain. And although in any point of Spain we can find those Christmas sweets that marry so well with a glass of wine, there are no richer recipes like those made in the south of our country.

Our stop for this Christmas 2016? Málaga and its province, a land of flavor in which to give with a unique Christmas pastry. What are those sweet dishes that can’t be missed as a “finishing touch” to a Christmas meal or what desserts are displayed in the windows of the Malaga pastries like those near the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga? Today at Petit Palace we give you some names that leave you licking your fingers.

Los borrachuelos

Although at first glance it may seem like it, but los barrachuelos are not pestiños. This delicious sweet that is eaten in a single bite and adorns the windows of Malaga has a really enjoyable filling thanks to the cooked sweet potato or pumpkin angel hair stuffing. Although the traditional recipe says to cover them with bee’s honey, many are covered it with sugar glass (for giving it a Christmas touch). The secret? The final touch of cinnamon.

The mantecados of Antequera

What would be Christmas without the traditional mantecados of Antequera … And this specific region of Malaga is the best known for the creation of this product, so Christmassy and so rich. Considered one of the most popular sweets of these holidays (along with nougat), the mantecados (whether simple or double) are a real treat if they are enjoyed with a little muscatel wine as a dessert. Do the test and then tell us.

Malaga’s roscos wine

We can add little to nothing when talking about the quality of a sweet whose secret ingredient is muscatel wine or the wines of D.O. Malaga. As it could not be anything else, we are talking about the rich and very popular wines made in Malaga. This recipe, with the heart of wine, sugar, cinnamon and almond, is a must in the sweet centerpieces of Spanish homes.


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