No plans for the weekend?  Visit theatres in Malaga

No plans for the weekend? Visit theatres in Malaga

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Although many people link Malaga with the purest flamenco, with “pescaito frito“ (fried fish) and the charming Andalusian accent, the fact is that this beautiful city is an authentic reference with regard to culture. Also, being the birth place of Picasso and a city through which various civilizations have passed, Malaga is synonymous with culture, a place to try everything and where every plan is particularly delightful.

One of the many options available in the city of Malaga is the offer of theatres that     has little to envy of the major capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. With four major theatres and dozens of concerts and plays taking place on their stages.

How about leaving behind the madding crowd for a few days and visit a Petit Palace hotel in Malaga? Make sure you check out the offer of theatres because for sure you will be delighted, below you will find the information you need.

  1. Canovas Theatre: One of the newest theatres in Malaga is the Canovas Theatre a building with more than three hundred seats located in the Centre district, close to our urban hotel in Malaga. They have a full programme throughout the whole year but March is a good month to enjoy such works as “Released”, “Three” or “Room”.
  1. Echegaray Theatre: An historic architectural jewel, this is the Theatre Echegaray, one of the most famous in the province of Malaga. Inaugurated in 1932 and of an exquisite design, the theatre has 700 seats on two levels. What is the programme during March? From “Women’s Secret” to Quijote’s Letters” an adaptation by the Tramant Theatre company.
  1. Alameda Theatre: With history dating back from the beginning of the 60’s, Alameda Theatre is another of these well known theatres where you can enjoy cinema, theatres, and culture in general. During the month of March, you can enjoy the monologues of David Guapo and a work by Jose Tejada,”Mental Assault”. 
  1. Cervantes Theatre: Our last stop takes us to the Cervantes Theatre, more than just a reference in the city. With an impressive interior main hall, this theatre is situated in the heart of Malaga and offers a continuous high quality programme. “What are they offering us this month? “Symphonic” by Pink Floyd and the return of Bebe to the scenario.
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