Málaga and water sports, the perfect summer partnership

Málaga and water sports, the perfect summer partnership

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When the highest temperatures of the summer begin to be noticed in towards the beginning of July is when the today’s destination really shows its true charm. Malaga – thanks to its location and its constant cool winds (that blow from east and west) – is one of those places where you can enjoy a pleasant summer without extreme levels of heat.

This climate coupled with the fact that the distances almost do not exist in the province, make Málaga a true temple for lovers of water sports. Yes, those who leave the house with the surfboard under their arms or who cannot stop planning an excursion by kayak.

As lovers of the Malaga summer we at Petit Palace we want to review the most popular sports in Malaga and the most recommended areas to give them a try. The good news? If you have chosen the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga you will be perfectly connected to the main beaches in the city.

Surfing and windsurfing on Chanquete beach

To the east of the Malaga capital, about 30 minutes from the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel and near the Club Náutico El Candado, there is the popular Chanquete beach. A meeting point for beginners and experienced surfers that is characterised by the Levant winds which flow from the west and are perfect for windsurfing and form ideal waves for those who prefer surfing.

Those who do not have much experience in the matter can take instructor led classes in some of the express learning centres that take place in the areas near to the beach.

A day of Kayaking and snorkeling in Nerja

Its blue waters, its caves and the charm of its hundreds of white houses are some of the aspects that have made Nerja the most photographed coastal town in Malaga. A place where you can enjoy the calm and alternative plans with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

The most recommended? A Kayak session around its coves and its natural caves. Of course, if after this experience you have some time left, do not forget to visit on foot some of the most famous grottos in this pretty town of Malaga.

Another of those plans that is always a good idea on the coast of Nerja, is to enjoy a snorkelling session and they say that the seabed in this area of ​​the province is simply magical.


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