Madrid:  a city full of different styles

Madrid: a city full of different styles

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With a history that could go round the world various times, Madrid is a city full of contrasts which are reflected not only in its distribution, the way of life and architecture, but also specific own label styles that adds even more personality to the capital.

As it usually happens, with the passing of time each style becomes associated with a particular neighbourhood. These neighbourhoods take on their own identity, which in turn becomes reflected in the restaurants, fashionable shops and much more. If you have decided to spend a few days in the capital of Spain at one of the hotels that Petit Palace have in Madrid you are to be congratulated because their unique locations will allow you to visit districts that you should not miss on your route around the city.

Of all those in Madrid (and there are many) the Salamanca district takes the prize because of the stately buildings, the streets and the shops. Some of the most well known fashion brands in the world can be found in the famous Serrano Street and for good reason: the style in this street is a must. If shopping is on your to do list for this holiday, don’t forget that very near to this famous street, is situated the Hotel Petit Palace President Castellana from where you can start an unforgettable all out shopping day.

Another radically different style, increasingly popular world wide, is in the mythical Chueca district (matrix of Fuencarral street). They continue to be faithful to the punk rock style (the same ones who continue attracting national and international tourists who are looking for underground tendencies in the streets); it is true that Chueca is living a golden age, with designer boutiques and local brands which fills the neighbourhood with beautiful people with their unique and inimitable style.

Another of these essential districts when you visit Madrid is the Malasaña district, the

most hipster and in of the moment. This new fashion district of Madrid, where according to many, the mythical “Movida Madrilena” began, is also a place where you can eat some of the local delights in hundreds of taverns and bars with terraces. Malasaña style is faithful to the printed shirt and indie music, for that reason it is the new hipster temple in the country.

Along this same line is situated a fourth emblematic district in Madrid. The La Latina district, one of the most eclectic and multicultural in the city, where many styles fuse together to form a multitude of styles (actually another of those areas for the lovers of the hipster culture) and where personality wins by a landslide.

Districts apart, the capital has around 20 districts faithful to their own personalities that are well worth a visit. Stay in the heart of the capital and choose to stay at one of the Petit Palace hotels in the centre of Madrid is one of the perfect options so that you do not miss anything in Madrid.

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