Looking for eternal summer with Petit Palace

Looking for eternal summer with Petit Palace

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With the return to school, with the rolls of plastic to cover the school books on the table and the holiday photos making act of presence on the fridge, very few people look upon September as another summer month but yes… September is synonymous with summer and in Petit Palace we are well aware of this.

For those who may still have doubts today we are going to three ideal destinations to realize this journey to the eternal summer of Spain. Today our proposal is for destinations in the south and east… who wants to join us?

The eternal magic of Seville

If in the previous months you have treated yourself to some well earned holidays on the beach, then nothing better now than a few extra days relaxing or enjoying a weekend a your dream city full of magic and charm.

With the heat of the months of July and August behind us, Seville and the month of September are two perfect travelling companions. Also apart from receiving thousands of students living between both banks, September is a month to enjoy unique events such as the Seville Flamenco Biennial. How can we be near to everything but without renouncing comfort and luxury? Without a doubt by choosing the hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz.

Malaga and its almost eternal summer

Another of the destinations which in September is more alive than ever, is Malaga, one of the jewels of southern Spain and a place to enjoy summer’s last rays of sunshine as never before.

Choose zones near to the capital or if you prefer to play safe by choosing our Petit Palace Plaza Malaga, because it is true that Malaga is prefect to spend a few unique days with the family, as a couple or with friends. Beach, mountains or boat, you choose!

Looking for Mediterranean nights

If you want to prolong a little longer these magical Mediterranean nights, you have no excuse not to visit Valencia.

Valencia is unique, perfect and it is summer in its purest state until well into the month of November. Are you are also looking to renovate your wardrobe for next season? Make sure you visit the many shops you will find in the Gran Via of the city, just a short distance from Petit Palace Germanias.

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