Guaranteed fun for big and small at Tivoli World in Malaga

Guaranteed fun for big and small at Tivoli World in Malaga

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In our country there are theme parks, fun fairs and then Tivoli World in Malaga. Top as far as leisure parks are concerned, Tivoli World in Malaga is also one of the most recommended for all those who decide to visit the south of our country in the autumn season.

With more than 40 attractions which can be enjoyed by big and small alike, the Tivoli is perfect for all those who have decided to spend a few days in this Andalusian city, taking advantage of the offers of the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga.

Although it can be found in the most emblematic zone of Arroyo de la Miel in Benalmadena (about 15 minutes from Malaga and 20 minutes from the hotel Petit Palace Plaza Malaga), the visit and enjoyment of Tivoli World is specially recommended for those travelling with children or friends. Motive? Today we bring you the principal ones:

Indisputable quality and price

With quality supported by Spanish and European regulations, entrance to Tivoli World Malaga is via previous payment of vouchers which cost between €7 and €25 (depending on the attractions you want to enjoy). Entrance fees, that in all the options, have discounts which reach up to 21%.

In order to avoid surprises we recommend that you study well what is included in each of the entrance fees before you start your journey to the park. How can you do that easily and quickly? Access the web of the park from the iPad that you will find (totally free) in the room of the Petit Palace Plaza Malaga.

From heights to terror

What is most attractive about Tivoli World in Malaga is the great variety of attractions. With options for lovers of heights (with free fall attractions of up to 90 metres high) or those which offer you cold shivers such as those you will experience in the well known “houses of terror”, the park also has a giant Ferris wheel, roller coaster and small train for tourists.

Gastronomic offer made in Malaga

Conscious of the fact that the gastronomic quality of attraction parks is not what attracts visitors, the Tivoli World in Malaga has made a firm commitment in this respect to offer excellent food at good prices for the palates of the kids and their long suffering parents.

In total you can opt for restaurants offering high quality Chinese food, establishments offering burgers and sandwiches, or bars specializing in beer and authentic Tex Mex where you can try ribs and “fajitas”.

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