Get to know the best concert halls in Madrid

Get to know the best concert halls in Madrid

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It is well known that Madrid hosts a lot of different events. Madrid is the capital of Spain and it offers a bigger, more vivid and more complete selection of choices than other places. Madrid is the place to be for lovers of culture in general and for music fans in particular.

It is the starting point for major international bands to begin their European tours (in most cases the capital is the home base), Madrid can boast some of the most important venues and mythical concerts. Since in the Petit Palace we are music lovers, this week we decided to list those which you should go to (yes, at least once in life).

Galileo Galilei

Versatile, authentic and mythical … It offers lot if not the most. In addition to being the place where unique and universal artists both contemporary and traditional, perform their concerts, the Sala Galileo Galilei has managed to reinvent itself by offering its venue to TV shows like “the Illustrious Ignoramuses” or to the newspaper El País for their morning concerts. If you take the metro you’ll find that near the Petit Palace Ducal Chueca you will be less than 10 minutes from Calle Galileo.

Sala Copérnico

Just like watching a concert on board a pirate ship, this is Sala Copérnico. Located in the same area as ​​the previous venue, Copernicus is a venue that could tell our country’s musical history perfectly as it is famous for accommodating every existing style. So it is venue that offers the best music and has a good wine and beer menu. If you are staying in the hotel Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía just look for the nearest metro stop to Calle Fernandez de los Rios.

The Riviera

Famous for its views of the Manzanares and the Almudena Cathedral, La Riviera is Madrid’s top concert venue. It is the usual venue of choice for a lot of international bands. Since it is located in a very open area of ​​Madrid it is very easy to get to, especially for those staying at the Petit Palace Posada del Peine.

Sala Caracol

With 25 years of history and more than 4,000 concerts performed, Sala Caracol is another ‘great’ amongst the greats. It is characterized by its unusual form (narrow but with a very high stage, even more than normal) and yet still offering the same powerful concerts as it did when it began. Take note: You can find it at number 18, Calle Bernardino Obregón.

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