Discovering the ancient neighbourhood Barrio del Carmen in Valencia

Discovering the ancient neighbourhood Barrio del Carmen in Valencia

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City of traditions, of authentic narrow streets in the shadows, Valencia is a place where every neighbourhood has its own life and character like no other. Yes, especially the neighbourhoods that give life to the heart of the city…. those that have as maximum exponent the legendary Barrio del Carmen, one of the most well known and special for its history, aspect and natural charm.

Perfectly connected with the Petit Palace Bristol and also with the hotel Petit Palace Germanias, to speak of the Barrio del Carmen of Valencia is to refer to an area that the origin of which dates back to the 16th century (yes, nothing less). A place that has had different functions throughout the centuries and sometimes has served as a shelter (in the era of the Muslims), a brothel, a place of residence for the Bourgeoisie of the city (in medieval times) and even an allotment.

Whether walking or enjoying a bicycle ride, thanks to the free bicycles available at the hotel Petit Palace Bristol, to visit the neighbourhood is more than just a walk through the history of Valencia, it is the ideal option to get to know the architectural jewels of the city. Which are the most recommended places to visit?

The Serranos Towers

In the Christian era Valencia was a city totally walled protected by 12 doors that gave access and exit to the citizens living therein. Of these doors the Serrano tower is that which best reflects this medieval essence so characteristic of Valencia. A perfectly conserved monument that offers unique panoramic views for lovers of photography.

The Mossen Sorell Market

Although it has been remodelled on various occasions, the Mossen Sorell Market is one of the most emblematic places in the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia. Constructed by the architect Angel Romani, its history dates back to the middle of the twentieth century.

Carmen Church

Carmen church apart from giving its name to this neighbourhood of Valencia it was also the site of the ancient Carmen convent. A religious construction with different artistic references which are a good example of the changes that the city has experienced. Although the visit is worthwhile in itself you should also investigate thoroughly the area in order to identify specific parts of the ancient convent.

Tapas and horchatas

Another of the attractions of the Barrio del Carmen is the gastronomy and shopping. From well established cafes where you can try cool horchata (traditional drink) with fartones (buns covered with sugar) to tapas bars where you can try many of the local artisan beers with the stamp made in Valencia

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