Bilbao and gastronomy, more than a perfect mix

Bilbao and gastronomy, more than a perfect mix

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Of the thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of ways to travel, the one that seeks to give pleasure to the palate is one of the most in demand today. A way of knowing the world around us paying special attention to the flavours and textures of each place in such a way that with a simple bite we can know centuries of history and idiosyncrasies of a place.

One of these places where gastronomy is something like a religion is Bilbao, cosmopolitan, lively and a city full of local flavours that is home to some of the world’s top chefs. Although this is an evidence known to all, the question is what gives Bilbao have such a direct link with gastronomy?

The raw material

Just a walk around the Petit Palace Arana Hotel Bilbao, in the capital, or the Petit Palace Tamarises Hotel, in Getxo, and you will find in every local market that the local produce takes the centre stage. Fish, seafood, meats and vegetables of high quality that invite you to enjoy a few hours of cooking, whether at home or in one of the many high calibre restaurants that shape these Basque lands.

Eating well is a religion

Yes, eating well in the Basque Country is like a religion. Good reviews were given by those who have tried the breakfasts from hotels such as the Petit Palace Tamarises (with a unique view to the sea and with a delicious and varied buffet). “I do not have the time to grab a snack or anything” is never heard in the Basque capita. At all mealtimes you have to eat well and enjoy every taste (whether at home or in the office).

A place that has created a school

The Basque Country (and specifically Bilbao) is a cathedral for lovers of good cuisine and the work of world-renowned chefs such as Juan Mari Arzak or television’s Karlos Arguiñano.

Two cooks with very different ways of using the kitchen but with a common premise: the result (what is served on the plate and presented to the diner) should be perfect from start to finish. This mentality has been crucial in turning Basque cuisine into more than just a world reference.


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