An extreme weekend in Bilbao

An extreme weekend in Bilbao

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Times are changing and the ways in which travel has evolved is obvious and very few would question it. Not only does one travel to excursion to the mountains or to relax in a good hotel, but we aspire to something more, to do something different and experimental: a gastronomic trip, a few days of pure sport or an adventure-filled getaway. Today we propose you visit Bilbao.

Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in our country, Bilbao offers many perfect activities for adrenaline lovers. So do not waste the time in searching here and there, this week at Petit Palace, we give you some of the best recommendations:

The X Door

The “escape rooms” fever has come to Bilbao with The X Door, a company with venues in Madrid and Barcelona that has landed with great success in the Basque capital. Located about 5 minutes from the Guggenheim Museum and just over 10 minutes walking from the Petit Palace Arana Bilbao, the experience promises excitement that is well worth doing with family or friends.

An adventure park in the middle of the forest

This is what Sopuerta Abentura offers; an adventure park located in the heart of a forest full of trees with more than thirty zip lines of different heights and speeds and with paths full of rope bridges, vines, wooden ladders etc. Ideal for groups of friends and families, the grounds are perfect for spending some time in nature.

If you are in the area of ​​Getxo, just take as a starting point the Petit Palace Tamarises hotel and then turn to Sopuerta either by the Santander road or by the so called Cadagua Corridor.

Bungee jumping from Portugalete

Finally our last plan is to take a leap from the bridge of Portugalete, the suspension bridge in Bilbao. Not recommended for people with cardiac problems. The truth is that the experience is less exciting and frantic and that it is one of the highest bridges in the north of the country.

The requirements? Not be pregnant, weigh no less than forty kilos and no more than one hundred and – if possible – have previous experience bungee jumping.

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