A very musical September in Seville

A very musical September in Seville

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It is nothing new that Seville has a special bond with music. The world capital of flamenco, ‘sevillanas’ and “jondo” music at its purest, the city of orange blossom is a worldwide destination with harmonies, rhythms and beat making up part of its DNA.

Although the sounds are present all year round, it is true that due to the high temperatures, July and August are a little lighter in this sense. However with the coming of September, there is some respite to the heat and Sevillian life returns to its normal rhythm and once more we hear those beloved ripped guitar sounds that are so typical of this southern part of our country.

For all those who have chosen these last days of summer 2017 to enjoy a few free days at Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana or Petit Palace Canalejas Seville, we have excellent news: you will have hundreds of concerts to choose from. To find out which will be the most outstanding, read on:

Miguel Bosé

He has one of the most original authentic voices in our country and it is always a pleasure to listen to him. Yes, Miguel Bosé opens in Seville in September with a concert that will take place on the 8th at the Rocío Jurado Auditorium; a concert supported by MTV Unplugged in which we will be able to enjoy the singer of Amante Bandido (love bandit)’s best known songs.

Noa and Pasión Vega

Only magic could come out of the musical union of Pasion Vega and Noa, two of the best female voices in the world. Capable of attracting thousands of spectators from around the world, this new temporary duo will arrive in Seville on September 16th with their “Mediterráneas” recital.

David Bisbal

Since becoming famous with the reality musical ‘Operación Triunfo’, David Bisbal almost never misses a date in Seville. On this occasion we can enjoy his immense vocal range in La Cartuja stadium, in the Expo area. At this venue he will not only cover his early songs but will also focus on the acoustic version of a lot of others. The tour is called ‘Children of the Sea’.

If on the other hand you prefer to escape the crowds and try out more local sounds, there is nothing better than to lose yourself in the bars of Arenal or Barrio de Santa Cruz to enjoy unique musical venues like the House of the Guitar; places where pure flamenco speaks for itself.


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