A guide to the Festivities of Salamanca

A guide to the Festivities of Salamanca

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The month of September brings one the most important fairs and festivities in Spain, the Fair of Salamanca. A festivity with no less than 80 events including music, theatre, circus, sports, storytelling and very original photographic expositions.

If you want to feel the Castilian cold breeze and have decided to spend a few days in a Petit Palace hotel in Salamanca, you should write down in your calendar the dates from the 7th to the 15th. During this week, the city transforms itself and shows its most active, festive and cheerful side in celebration of the Saint Mary de la Vega.

Known inside and outside od Spain, the Festivities of Salamanca are committed to music and art (in general) in a remarkable way. During these days the city holds 20 musical performances (among which are those of the bands Sidonie, Los Secretos and Pablo Alboran among many others), and 15 shows that will be divided between the IX edition of the International Street Arts Festival (from the 10th to the 13th September) or the Medieval Market of the La Vaguada de la Palma.

The Plaza Mayor will be the main stage of the festivities, located in the Old Town of Salamanca, followed by the sports centre Sanchez Paraiso.

The musical novelty of 2015 will take place on the 13th of September at the Plaza Mayor with a Country Music Festival which will bring together four bands, Freeborn Brother (Poland), Country Hell (Russia), the local band InBlauk and Carbayo and, of course, James Everett, straight from the USA.

But not everything will be music during the Festivities of Salamanca as there will be the opportunity to enjoy vintage markets, a custom bikes show, live musicals (such as the Wizard of Oz, the Hole or the Grandfather) and several sports.

The programme for these Fair and Festivities of Salamanca include a total of 15 sports events, among which stand out the International Chess Trophy (that will take place on the 12th and 13th of September), the LXVI National Horse Jumping Competition, as well as several paddle, archery, canoe and skating tournaments.

Are we forgetting something? Yes, we are forgetting that as well as complete leisure agenda, Salamanca has a tapas area that you can not miss, and that will be the perfect ending to a night of concerts.

A perfect plan for a perfect holiday should include a stroll around its streets and enjoy the delights of its terraces. So, organize a good tour and don’t hesitate to visit all that the city has to offer…. as you will have time to rest at your Petit Palace Hotel.

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