A food tour through Lavapiés, in Madrid

A food tour through Lavapiés, in Madrid

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Although it is not a popular heighbourhood with tourists and it only has a small mention in the guide books, Lavapiés (the district of Lavapiés) is – without doubt – one of the most interesting of all that make up the country’s capital. The reason is its multicultural richness that starts from the many nationalities that the neighborhood welcomes and that give the neighbourhood a unique racial touch that breathes in every corner and that can be savoured in the many restaurants that nestle in its narrow streets and squares.

Ending the month of September doing a food tour with friends and enjoying the cool of the capital is a truly perfect plan. In order to get this right, we at the Petit Palace would like to give you some recommendations so that you can make this plan an experience for both the body and the mind. Take note!

“La Malaje”, a taste of Córdoba in the heart of Madrid

Above all it is well known that the cuisine from Cordoba is one of the most exquisite in our country (just think of fried birds or Cordoban thick soup with orange zest) hence a Cordoban restaurant in Madrid is a luxury.

The good news is that in Lavapiés (less than 15 minutes by metro from Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza) we find the best Andalusian restaurant in the whole capital.  La Malaje is a venue that not only offers a good thick soup but even truffles with eggs. The value for money can’t be beaten. Give it a try and tell us :)

Asian food on the grill at Buns and Bones

They say that any food, whether meat, fish or vegetables, when grilled always tastes better. This is the starting point of Buns and Bones, a restaurant located in San Antón market, less than 5 minutes from the most popular streets of Lavapiés and about 15 minutes by metro if we take as our starting point our Petit Palace Plaza del Carmen hotel.

This restaurant is characterized by an excellent menu of Asian fusion food with fresh products cooked on the grill. Those who have tried it come back again and again.

Naples in its pure state in the middle of Lavapiés

Located about five metro stops from the Petit Palace Opera, NAP restaurant is one of the latest additions to the gastronomic wealth of Lavapiés. An authentic Neapolitan pizzeria with soft pizzas that should be eaten like Italian locals: folded and shaped like an envelope. Its secret lies in a wood-burning oven capable of making the pizzas in less than a minute (and its temperatures reach 500 degrees).

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